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How does the Lasik Eye Surgery works?

The no-pain eye surgery is gaining popularity world over, thanks to its number of advantages and benefits. Get the best services in Lasik surgery for great benefits it has to offer.

Get Immediate Results - One of the most important benefit of Lasik Surgery is instant results to get corrected vision overnight! Yes, it is as good as it sounds. The miraculous results of Lasik technology enables patients to get rid of their glasses immediately after the surgery procedures are conducted - together with drastic improvement in eyesight and clear vision!

Fast and Affordable - In just 10-15 minutes needed to conduct the surgery, it is the fastest method to correct vision. Look beyond expensive glasses and contact lenses. Forget the daily struggles of wearing heavy, inconvenient glasses or going through the motions of getting new lenses in every few days. Lasik surgery can be the most affordable vision correction option in the long run as one is freed from the recurring expenses of these traditional methods.

Long Lasting Results- Think permanent! Now, there is no need to rush to the optician every now and then. Each time your power increases - it would mean getting a fresh check up and further investment in new lenses. With Lasik technology all this is a thing of the past. Get lasting results that gives you freedom from the frequent hassles.

Say Hello To a Whole New Lifestyle - Always wanted to play sports, dance or go swimming without a worry? Always envied the people who’d go skydiving without a second thought? You can too! Get a new perspective to life, and don’t let a poor eyesight hold you back. It’s always difficult spectacle wearers or contact lens users to take up certain professions like the Navy or the Air Force. With Lasik surgery you can correct your vision and have access to a brand new lifestyle that you could never have experienced otherwise.

Painless and Easy - Lasik surgery has always been the surgery option that is practically painless, and therefore preferred by many. Surgeries are generally over within a day - No bandages, No stitches and Super Fast.

How much does the treatment cost?

The cost of Lasik Surgery varies with the kind of process one opts for. Also treatment varies for the type of vision correction sought. For a quote on how much a Lasik surgery would cost in your case, get in touch with us today! Our experts will help you through the process and determine the Lasik surgery costs for you.

What is lasik surgery?

Lasik surgery is a form of refractive surgery aimed at correcting common vision problems. Vision issues that can be corrected by Lasik surgery procedures include - farsightedness, nearsightedness astigmatism and presbyopia. In the process of the surgery a laser or microkeratome is used to reshape the eye's cornea to improve the vision. The surgical process completely eliminates dependency on eyewear and other aids.

What is the process of the surgery ?

The process of Lasik surgery starts with an Evaluation session where our experts analyse your vision and the type of treatment that will be suitable for you. Our trained and helpful staff will guide you comfortably throughout the evaluation process so that you have nothing to worry about. The process is undertaken through our advanced machines and guarantees accurate analysis. Post evaluation the real process of Lasik begins, which will vary according to your choice of technology. A typical procedure last for a couple of hours and includes a pre-op preparation (again, our staff will guide you through it), the actual process and a post-op recovery time. The do’s and don’ts of the process and the prior preparation required will be explained to you in detail by our experts when you come for your consultation.

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