How much does LASIK eye surgery cost in Manila?

LASIK cost

At our clinic, LASIK eye surgery can cost you anything between  ₱65,000 and ₱140,000. Note, though, the rates depend on the laser technology used on you as well as your estimated period of recovery from the procedure.

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When it comes to LASIK eye surgery, our name is highly trusted, and we’ve numerous successful procedures under our belt. The technologies we use are state-of-the art, and we keep abreast with global trends so we can provide you the most recent treatment options.

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What is LASIK?

LASIK eye surgery is used to correct vision problems such as myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia. In a nutshell, the procedure involves cutting a small flap on the outermost layer of the eye using laser technology.

Through this flap, the cornea is reshaped as desired in order to correct the vision problem the patient is suffering from. Even though it might sound complicated, the actual process is fast, safe, and affordable. This is one of the reasons why people opt for LASIK eye surgery.


What kinds of laser do you use?

We use different kinds of laser technology, depending on the patient’s vision issue and condition. The difference in the technologies arise from the way the flap is made on the cornea.

Some lasers cut in a straight line, and deeper; traditional lasers work this way. On the other hand, with IntraLase laser, the laser follows the natural contour of the eye. Z-LASIK technology, the most advanced of the bunch, practically doesn’t hurt the cornea at all. All three methods are completely safe and known to effectively correct vision.


How will I know which laser is right for me?

In the evaluation phase, our professional will examine your overall health and condition. Next, according to his findings, he’ll determine the kind of laser that is most appropriate for your vision problem.